Shannon Lindley

Interim Worship Leader

Shannon Lindley

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Shannon has had a passion for worship since she was a small child. Raised in a musical family, she began singing worship music in nursing homes at 5 years old with her 3 year old sister Angela. By the time she was in her teens, she was leading worship for adult and teen services. 


As an adult, her ministry vision has grown to include ministering to women experiencing grief and trauma. In her own life, she has learned to “Worship the Healer”, as she’s walked through her own traumas of sexual abuse, infertility, marital infidelity and divorce, ministry wounds, and coping with the severe mental illness of one of her parents. 


Her worship philosophy is that with Jesus death, the veil was torn that separated us from the presence of God, and no matter how broken we are, we can bring our ashes to the feet of Jesus. In the Presence of God, we are sanctified and can experience true healing. We are invited to the table to feast with God and to commune with Him just as we are. The goal of worship is not to create music, but to create an environment where we can connect to God and those who are lost and broken can experience the transforming power of His presence.


Shannon was raised in San Angelo, Texas, and majored in vocal performance at Angelo State University with a minor in Psychology. After moving to DFW in 2006, she also attended Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas, studying Worship Ministry. 


She has been privileged to serve in Children and Youth ministry, Worship Ministry, and as a Care Coordinator for a large Infertility Support group in DFW. 


She works full time for MHMR of Tarrant County as an employment logistics specialist for disabled persons. 

  October 2022  
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